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Waste Water Treatment

“BCRA Begins Waste Water Treatment Plant Operations”

On March 1, 2011, the Brodhead Creek Regional Authority (BCRA) assumed the ownership and operation of the former Stroudsburg Sewer Plant.  This was the culmination of almost three years of regional negotiations and engineering work focused on creating a “regional waste water treatment plant”.

This plant will serve the Borough of Stroudsburg and the Townships of Stroud, Pocono and Hamilton.

In order to construct a larger, more modern facility the BCRA purchased the former Shelly’s Lumber Yard.  BCRA then designed a new facility with renovations to the existing plant to meet the needs of the municipalities it serves as well as the environmental permit requirements.

This facility when complete will cost approximately $34.2 million and will be able to treat 4.5 million gallons per day of municipal wastewater.  It will also greatly improve the quality of the treated effluent which is discharged into the McMichael’s Creek.

The Authority is only responsible for the operation of waste water treatment plant.

It will only bill the municipalities it serves for the actual cost of the operation of the treatment plant.

The municipalities will continue to own and operate the collection systems (in the case of Stroud Township this is done through the Stroud Township Sewer Authority), set rates and bill their customers.

The goal of this project is to be able to to accept flow from the Pocono Township collection system by the end of September of 2012 and totally complete the project by June of 2013.

While the Authority’s Water and Waste Water Operations are “managed” and operated by the same entity, they are financially independent of each other.  Therefore, the “water user fees” are not affected by the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant operation and vice versa.

Please call the Authority offices if you have any further questions about this new aspect of the Authority’s operations at 570-421-3232.

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