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Welcome to Brodhead Creek Regional Authority (BCRA) a water and wastewater Authority located in Monroe County, PA. BCRA serves water to the Borough of Stroudsburg, a large part of Stroud Township and portions of Smithfield Township, Hamilton Township, Pocono Township and Tobyhanna Township (Kalahari Resort).


BCRA serves water to over 5,400 billing accounts representing a population of approximately 21,000 people in residential, commercial, public and industrial settings. The Authority operates on an annual budget of approximately $4.7 million with an annual capital improvement program budget of $200,000 to $400,000. Additionally, over the past 20 years BCRA has spent over $26 million in order to improve its sources of water, upgrade its water treatment facility, and to improve and expand its water distribution system.

Brodhead Creek Regional Authority produces approximately 2.6 million gallons of water daily which is 48% of its total daily permitted capacity of 5.38 million gallons per day.

BCRA's water sources consist of two wells located adjacent to the Brodhead Creek and a surface water intake located on the Brodhead Creek. It is important for residents of Monroe County communities within the Brodhead watershed to safeguard the Brodhead Creek and its tributaries. Care for the environment and timely responses to environmental threats are directly linked to our ability to maintain a continuous supply of high quality water.


As of March 2011, BCRA began ownership and operation of the former Stroudsburg sewer plant and serves the Borough of Stroudsburg, Stroud Township, Pocono Township, Hamilton Township and Tobyhanna Township (Kalahari Resort) . Approximately $40 million dollars is being spent to upgrade the wastewater facility to handle growth and greatly improve the quality of water being released back into the watershed. BCRA is a non-profit entity responsible only for the operation of the wastewater plant. The municipalities served by BCRA own and operate their own collection systems (pumping stations, distribution pipes, etc.)

Water and wastewater operations are financially independent of each other.


BCRA Board of Directors

Joseph T. Shay - Chairman (representing the Borough of Stroudsburg)
John H. Parker - Vice Chairman (representing Hamilton Township)
Charles A. Garris - Treasurer (representing Smithfield Township)
Wm. Taylor Wenck - Secretary (representing Stroud Township)
Charles Vogt - Board Member (representing Pocono Township)




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